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CityBiz's algorithm and editors identify key community influencers. This group of influencers identify news and highly relevant content to share exclusively with our audience. Click on the thumbnails to see how these voices are connected and learn more about our thought leaders.

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Active audiences, who surface, select and share content, are a crucial part of the site. Registered users can submit their own qualifications or recommend others for consideration.

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Our editors and domain experts share insights on news you must read to be in the know to make actionable decisions and run your business better.

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Influence is all about connection, swagger and knowledge. Our top 500 influencers are super connected thought leaders who have the attention of anyone who matters both in and out of their field. But how do they relate to each other? This graph shows who has pull over whom - font size indicates overall influence.

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Highlights key twitter posts from the most influential thought leaders filtered by our editors and proprietary algorithms to deliver real time industry insights.